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Best Brokerage Firms

Based in Morris County, New Jersey, The Daily Record reviews the best brokerage firms around the brokerage world. It quotes Smart Money Magazine’s latest survey which placed Fidelity as “Premium Broker”, TradeKing as “Best Discount Broker”, and Merrill Lynch as “Best Full-Service Broker”.

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Regional Brokerage Firms

Some real estate investors want to receive the kind and quality of services provided by big brokerage firms at lower cost, while enjoying the attention that is given to them by smaller firms. This is because, apart from security, they also want to have a firm that can give them personalized services. To be able to get these services, most of these investors go to regional brokerage firms. They do so because it is perceived that quality regional brokerage firms can provide the expertise of larger firms, and they can also deliver the attention to their clients often given by smaller brokerage firms.

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